Species of the Month

Gopher Frog
Rana capito

DescriptionStout. Brown-black, sometimes cream. Darker spots on back/sides, sometimes forming blotches. Smooth, warty skin. Webbed feet except half of largest hind toe.
SubspeciesCarolina - Dark spots on chest.
North Carolina to Georgia coastal plain.
Florida - White/cream, spotted chin. Florida Peninsula & panhandle, Georgia.
Dusky - spotted chest, dark color, rough back. Louisiana to Florida panhandle.
Habitat Threatened sandhill communities, flatwoods, and scrub in the Atlantic coastal plain near ponds.
Dimensions Voice Guttural snore. Choruses more pronounced sometimes after rains.
BreedingYear-round in warm areas. Spring-summer. Eggs laid in shallow water on rocks or vegetation.
RangeNorth Caolina to Florida coastal plain, along gulf & Louisiana.
DiscussionNocturnal. Can travel quite far to reach breeding ponds. Rarely leaves burrow or hiding place apart from during breeding. Normally a burrow of an abandoned crawfish or rodent. Will eat anything it can catch.

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LAPB Scholarship application


The LA Association of Professional Biologists (LAPB) Scholarship is a competitive scholarship that awards $500.00 annually to a student(s) pursuing or planning to pursue college studies in the following curriculums: Wildlife or Fisheries Management, Forestry, Wetland Science, Marine Biology, or other closely related field.


Applicant must:

- Be a LA resident.
- Be enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student in a Louisiana Public College or University in one of the curriculums stated above.
- Have graduated from an accredited high school or must have completed the 12th grade level of home study program.
- Submit two reference letters, one of which must be from a recent school teacher or counselor.
- Submit a brief statement/essay with application (less than 250 words) discussing career goals.
- Complete this application and provide all required information by July 31st.
- Incoming freshman may be given preference.

Based on available funding and quality of applicants, more than one recipient may be chosen in any given year.
Recipient(s) will be announced on the first day of the annual LAPB Fall Symposium.
Applications may be downloaded at Labiologists.org

Download application here.

Submit application to:
Tony Vidrine, Chairman, Scholarship Committee
Lafayette Field Office
200 Dulles Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506